Month: July 2013

Why I’m Working at Colupon

Colupon is an online platform, mobile and desktop, that helps students to save money when shopping at local businesses. To learn more, check out our website,

“Why do you work at Colupon?”

This question has two sides to it. Why I joined and why I’m still working.

Why I joined

I was in the middle of running a successful (for an 18 year old, amateur entrepreneur) website design and SMM company but that was a means to an end. Colupon, the beginning of the end, was the logical choice for me. Daytaro was an experiment and a way to satisfy my boredom. Colupon was my ticket to getting where I wanted to be in life.

That is fairly straightforward, I didn’t have anything to lose so I took the position.

Why I’m still working

“Well why I am still working?” middle-of-the-night Adam asks myself. “Is it the right choice?” “Maybe there is something better out there?”

Shut up middle-of-the-night Adam, go to sleep.

This is why I’m still here:

  • The potential is there. When I first joined, our only plan was to get coupons from businesses and give students access to them. Over the past 6 months the core idea has been refined and reworked to what it is now. More features, more value, and a better pricing model. Not to mention ColuponApproved (you’ll just have to wait to find out what that is). What we are doing is a “why hasn’t this been done already” scenario and leaving an opportunity like that would garner an appointment with a psychologist.
  • Fun only begins to describe a typical day. And when I say typical, I mean every single day that we have been together working, I have laughed. We work long hours and there is a lot still left to be done but when you are having fun, none of that matters.
  • This is what I want to do. Starting/being a part of a software company has been my goal for the past couple years now and now I am actually doing it. I can’t picture myself working any other job or doing anything else. It feels right waking up every morning and walking into my office.
  • I wish I had a way to quantify the amount I have learned. I am surprised by the amount of information has been jammed into my head in the past 6 months. I thought I knew what it took to build a website, but building a website like this has taken my understanding to a whole new level. And managing the team that builds the website is something that I haven’t done before, but again, it feels right. While I am not the guy making all of it happen, I am in a majority of his meetings and we work together on a constant basis. “Shadowing” or being around a CEO is something that very few have the opportunity to do and the amount you can learn from that alone is enough to make it worth it.
  • Students need help. Sure, the DOW is hitting all-time highs and the housing market appears to be getting better but look around. Too many people are still unemployed, college students have unprecedented amounts of student loans that they won’t be able to pay off because finding a job fresh out of college is near impossible. If we can help save the typical student 10%, 20%, or more a month I will be thrilled.  And that is what is driving us to make Colupon a reality. (See this great article for more on the state of our economy)

TL;DR – Working here feels right and a couple of years down the road, Colupon is going to be a huge success while helping millions of students.

I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months are like.