Month: May 2014

How Not to Do It: Landing Pages

A great landing page is made up of two things. If you simply hit those two points you are golden and if you execute on those two points well, it pays dividends.

What is it?

Unfortunately this is where a majority of startups fail. As a general consumer or as a potential b2b client, you can’t mess this up. I have a limited attention span and you lucky to get me on your site in the first place.

When I go to your site, I want to know what you are doing as quickly as possible. You can craft great copy but if it’s more than two sentences, it doesn’t matter how great that copy is. Excuse the shameful promotion but go to Straight away you see our app and our tag line, “work hard, save easy”. And just under the fold is “DOWNLOAD THE FREE APP AND START SAVING TODAY.” In under 5 seconds you know exactly what is going on, we are an app that saves you money.

Where startups go wrong is when they have crafted this arbitrary paragraph full of marketing bs that sounds great but tells me nothing. The general consumer is intelligent but we are simple people, just tell me what’s going on. And don’t forget that yes you are doing b2b but the potential client going on your website is still a person, a general consumer. Your copy can sound professional while still being easy to understand and to the point.

Once those two or so lines are nailed down, have more information below that goes into detail about what you do. This helps when you are a disruptor and need to differentiate yourself from the competition. We save people money through an app but how? Well we tell you under Who We Are.

How does it benefit me?

This extra set of text leads into the driving points. How does this benefit me? Why should I take the time to download your app or pay for your service? And again, don’t waste your time with marketing bs, get to the point. I love bullet points (or bullet-less points like under the Who We Are section).

If I am going to pay for your service, and especially if there isn’t a free trial or free tier, you better have screenshots or examples of what I am getting myself into. If I take the plunge and pay for a service that I find out is not what I thought it was, you are going to have one unhappy customer on your hands.

My favorite section of is We Start With The Savings. These are some of the deals that are currently on the app and that you can take advantage of as soon as you download the app and create an account. There is no easier way to explain than to show.

It is good to have details about exactly what your startup does but leave those for the products and services pages for the hardcore customers that need to know every detail. A majority of the traffic to your site will want the two main points and will decide quickly based on those points. Keep It Simple, Stupid.