Dating Robots – Coming January 19th 2016


Is it possible that, in the future, a robot could be so similar to a human that it would be impossible to know the difference between the two?

That is the question I asked myself which led to me start Dating Robots. I have recently become obsessed with this reality that is closer than most of you might think.

In 15 years there will be humans traveling to Mars.

Read that a couple times and fully appreciate what that means. And now put it in context. We went to the moon with less technology that resides inside of my iPhone. Imagine what will be possible during our voyage to the Red Planet with the technology that is being built and will be built over the next 15 years.

It is fair to say that I am extremely excited for what the future holds with regard to technology. To express this love I created Dating Robots, a publication that will explore what will be possible while we are still alive.

If you haven’t already, I invite you to read the first, of what will be many, short stories that attempt to answer, or at the very least, entertain ideas like the one above.

Once January 5th comes I will be posting new entries on a regular basis.


Feel free to reach out with any comments or questions.