Month: April 2016

Control Center UI

I’m not going to say that Apple read this and agreed with me but if you watched Apple’s keynote from today you may have noticed something.

Thank you for agreeing with me Apple. Can’t wait to try it out this fall.

After using Night Shift since it came out a couple weeks ago, a great new feature by the way, I finally noticed something that is very frustrating. Here is a screenshot for reference:


Nicely laid out interface. Easy to tap buttons. And it is organized very well. But not perfectly. What is different between the top row of icons and the bottom?

The top row holds toggles. Something is on or off.

The bottom row holds applications. Kind of. The second, fourth and fifth icons beam you right to a standalone app by unlocking your phone. I would argue that the flashlight is also an app, even though it doesn’t open an app. Either way it definitely isn’t a toggle for a setting, it’s a toggle for a feature which are two different things. So if you ask me, those four are OK to be grouped together.

The problem lies in the middle icon, night shift. That icon deserves to be in the top row as it is a toggle. Either the screen is shifted to warmer colors or not and no app is being opened or used. I understand that Apple didn’t really have a choice as the top row is full and adding another icon wouldn’t work.

iOS 10

With WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) being announced today and being held in June, it is assumed that the next version of iOS will be unveiled. Apple is known to use a tick-tock release schedule and this year is a tick, a larger update compared to iOS 9. Hopefully, among other things, Apple will make control center the reverse of notification center. By this I mean when notification center is brought down it covers the whole screen. In allowing control center to use the whole screen, the icons will be able to spread out as they are arguably too close together. Doing so will give Apple a chance to move the items around and let night shift be where it belongs, with the toggles.