Daily Life

On Writing a Journal

For the past several days I have been writing a journal of what I did that day, what’s going on inside my head, my thoughts on what happened and what is going to happen. I started doing this because I was disappointed with how much I forgot about a trip to the Mediterranean my family and I took almost two years ago. In an attempt to fix that I am going to write about everyday so that I have a record of it and so it builds up my long term memory of those events.

What I have already noticed is that I am in fact retaining more since I am living it and then recalling it many hours later. But more importantly I am fully analyzing how I am feeling and jotting it down as I find their meaning. By doing so I am getting to the root of why I am feeling a certain way and how I can fix it or help ensure it happens more the next day.

In writing it down I am making myself accountable for my thoughts and my plans. I don’t want to be someone who writes about my plans who then looks back in 6 months or longer and sees many empty promises. That is not who I want to be and having a record of my plans is the only way to ensure I act on them.

Currently I am starting work on my next project, Feast, and I need to be accountable for my plans and ensure I act on them so progress is steadily being made and lessons are being learnt as quickly as possible. This journal is going to be an invaluable tool for Feast and for all aspects of my life.

Even after just a few days of writing, I highly recommend you try it out and see what happens. Because no one else can see it, be as open as humanly possible about how you feel and what you are thinking. If anyone needs help creating one, leave a comment and I’ll get you on the right track. Mine is a WordPress blog that defaults to private posts and I get an email every night reminding me to post.