Learning Lessons: The Hard Way

This is the short story of how I ended up soaking wet walking around Rice University in the pouring rain.

For the past week I have been looking forward to going to this event. It would be Max Levchin¬†speaking to 300 people at Rice University. I’ve known who Max is for several years and for a good while I have been following him more closely thanks to Twitter. Seeing that he was hosting an event a stones throw from my own university, I knew I had to grab a ticket.

What ended up happening was I arrived on campus around 5:40 with the event set to take place at 6. After hastily looking up the exact location while at a red light, I found the closest parking garage and started walking. In the rain. Without an umbrella. While I was walking toward the auditorium, I thought it would be wise to double check that where I was headed was the correct direction. At this point I was completely soaked and had nothing to lose by taking my time and finding the correct location. As you might have already guessed, I was headed in the exact wrong direction. The auditorium that I thought I was heading to was more or less on the other side of campus.

While walking back to my car I decided to end the operation to teach myself a lesson or two. I have a bad habit of trusting my future self to be able to figure things out instead of letting my current self take an extra minute or two and properly prepare when going somewhere I have never been before. I have especially noticed this when visiting a college for the first time as Google is very good at getting you to campus but not to the specific building.

The key part here is that I had enough time to drive to the other parking garage, find a spot and make my way to the auditorium. There is no doubt in my mind that I could have made it. I would have been dripping wet and uncomfortable, but I could have made it. Instead I sat in my car and told myself I would not make this same mistake for the umpteenth time again. I need to put aside the excitement and properly prepare before heading out the door.